3 Best Gutter Cleaning Equipment and Methods to Work Safely

To get the gutter cleaning work done in a hassle-free manner, you need to have proper clarity on the basic gutter cleaning equipment or tools. Selecting the right equipment for the gutter cleaning job depends on the type of gutter cleaning method you are choosing to complete the work. Some tools may be faster or more convenient to use depending on how dirty your gutter system is. For any gutter system, the basic equipment includes a 10 to 30-foot ladder, a bucket and gloves. Here are three basic gutter cleaning methods that people use to clean their gutter system.

Leaf Blower

One of the most widely used methods to clean a gutter system is to blow all the build up dirt out of the gutters by using a leaf blower. This method is best suited for a house roof that is not too steep. The cleaning work with a leaf blower can be easily done from the top of the roof that is not very steep. This method is easy, quick and is ideal for dry gutters. However, one major drawback of this method is the time-consuming clean-up work needed to remove the mess below. When it comes to this method, a gas-powered leaf blower is capable of providing more power and is also faster than an electric one.

A Gutter Cleaning Rake along with a Bucket and Ladder

This is by far the most widely used gutter cleaning method. All you need to do is use a gutter cleaning rake along with a bucket and ladder. When it comes to gutter cleaning in North Sydney, it is a lot safe to work from a ladder than from a roof. And with a rake, you will have five extra feet of extension on either side of the ladder. This will allow you to complete the gutter cleaning work faster.

Wet & Dry Vac

Another widely used method is to clean the gutter system with a wet and dry vac. The biggest advantage of this method is that all the mess gets stored within the unit. However, the Vac is usually heavy and while cleaning a lot of gutter build up, you will have to empty the unit quite frequently. But a major section of people believe that this method is not heavy at all. For example, we all know that leaves are lighter than pine needles. If you have a lot of leaves, then using a Vac is an effective way to clean out the gutter system.

For gutter cleaning in North Sydney, it is always wise to take professional assistance. Gutter cleaning experts are highly experienced and fully trained to handle gutter cleaning jobs of all types and complexities. However, if you are taking on gutter cleaning as a DIY project, please choose whichever of these 3 methods works best for you.

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