3 Solar Panel Cleaning Tips To Keep Them In Top Condition

We spend so much money keeping our windows clean, so why not the solar panel too? It is an important equipment and cleaning can be considered an essential part of your solar panel maintenance. However, the cleaning method needs to be efficient and done the right way. Otherwise, you may end up damaging the panels. Here is a look at how you should conduct solar panel cleaning the professional way!

Dust, leaves and water – common solar blockers.

Does dust or build-up of grimes over the years may cause regular problems with your solar panel? It depends on the location where you live and what is causing it.

Small speck of dusts may have no effect as the light still penetrates through the panels. In such cases rain is enough to clean out the entire solar panel and you do not have to worry that much about it. However gradual build up of dust over time may lower the efficiency of your panel by almost 5 percent or less per minute. So, a typical system with 5KW of energy production may equate to a loss of $20 in your energy bill. So, a location that is more prone to dust and dirt, you should be more careful with the cleaning options for better results.

Dry fallen leaves also block light and decreases the efficiency of the panel by a large margin. It is important to have your solar panel cleaning in Sydney done on a regular basis. It is found that a thorough cleaning increases the efficiency of a solar panel by almost 3.5%.

Bird droppings: Solar Enemy No. 1

Bird droppings can create lots of problem to a solar panel. Especially, if you have a string or micro-inverters attached to the panels. Bird droppings will prevent the inverter from showing current flow of the panel and effect its overall efficiency. Additionally, solar panels that are angled in a flat position are more prone to attract leaves and this eventually attracts birds. When cleaning, the flat surface stores muddy pool of water leaving residues. It is best to place them in an angled position to take advantage of the rain washing the panels and keeping them clean.

How do I go about cleaning solar panels?

In order to wash the panels, the best thing that you can do is find and use the right materials to avoid the risk of damage and scratches. Jet water is one of the safest ways to wash away the debris from the panels and non-abrasive sponges to apply the soapy water to scrub the stubborn stains and droppings away. Do not use high pressure hose or you may damage the surface of the panels. Avoid using strong detergents or chemicals.

Follow these solar panel cleaning tips and your solar system will be operating efficiently and remain in top-condition for a long time!


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