4 Essential Window Cleaning Tips

As a homeowner, you should give high importance to window cleaning. Clean and spotless windows will not only enhance the look and feel of your home but also help you make a stunning first impression on your visitors. We all know that window cleaning is a time-consuming job but it gets worse when you find smears and streaks after spending hours washing and cleaning your windows. Here are some easy and essential tips to help you take the stress out of washing windows.

The Squeegee

For highly effective window cleaning in Shoalhaven, you must start with the proper window washing supplies. To achieve the desired results, you should start cleaning with a good quality window squeegee. You need to understand that using newspapers, lint filled rags, an auto squeegee, paper towels or a substandard shower squeegee will never deliver good results. You need to choose a squeegee that is best suited for your window cleaning work. There are several brands and different types of squeegees in the market. All you need to do is visit your local janitorial shop and buy a good quality squeegee that best suits your window cleaning project. You also need to buy some new replacement rubbers for the squeegee. Always put a new rubber blade on the squeegee before every window cleaning job.

The Scrubber

Cleaning and removing all the dust, stubborn stains, bug spots, greasy finger prints and other debris from the glass is no walk in the park. However, by using a top-quality professional window cleaning scrubber, you can get all the work done with supreme ease and at a lesser amount of time. You should visit your local janitorial shop and purchase a T-bar type scrubber that comes with a removable sleeve. These sleeves are mostly made of microfiber or 100% cotton. For non-tinted windows, you need to use a sleeve with bristles and for tinted windows, make use of a non-bristle sleeve.

Window Cleaning Solution

Window cleaning experts mostly use self-made window cleaning products that they have perfected over the course of time. If you visit your local janitorial shop, you will get pre-made window washing soaps and cleansers that produce good results. However, if you are looking for a quick solution that you can prepare at home, give this a try. Add about 1/4 teaspoon of any good quality liquid dish soap to a gallon of distilled water. Pour a small portion of this solution into a spray bottle or a bucket and you are good to go.

Detailing Towels

For detailing narrow borders and edges or to touch up a small spot, you should always use a microfiber cloth or a 100% cotton towel. Using other stuff for this purpose can leave behind small lint particles that will be clearly visible when the sun shines through the window.

By following the above-mentioned tips, you can easily make your windows clean and spotless in a hassle-free manner. For top-notch window cleaning in Shoalhaven, don’t look further than Flash Window & Gutter Cleaning. With a team of fully trained professionals and modern equipment, we provide our clients with top-notch window cleaning throughout North Sydney and Sydney CBD.

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