4 Mistakes Your Gutter Cleaners Should Avoid At Any Cost!

It is important to have your gutters cleaned on a regular basis. Otherwise, it could lead to serious problems including structural issues, mould and fungus growth, issues with your foundation and flooding of the basement. Gutter cleaning may seem like an easy task however, it actually involves plenty of risks and should be undertaken by experienced and qualified cleaners.

Now keeping that aside, whether you are planning to clean your gutter all by yourself or hire from your list of professional gutter cleaners across Northern beaches to do it for you, (after thorough research) here are some mistakes that should be avoided to protect yourself from the hassles and expenses in the long run.

1. Gutter Cleaners Should Not Use Harsh Chemicals

Gutters are usually durable enough to withstand tough elements until and unless they come across harsh chemicals. Harsh chemicals such as caustic soaps and others when used as a cleaning solution can severely damage their line of finishing. In order to clean the gutters, it is best to use gutter-friendly chemicals that will not harm its composure. Use organic products to eliminate the risks of damages. When you are getting your gutter cleaned, ensure that the type of chemicals that are being used by the gutter cleaners are safe and eco-friendly.

2. Don’t Allow Gutter Cleaners to Use Leaf Blowers on Roof Gutters

On paper, leaf blowers may appear to be the most quick and effective solution to clean a gutter however, truth be told, it creates more problems that reducing it. The blowers usually blow all the debris into the air. These debris will end up falling on the roof, drift down on your windows or slide onto other parts of your property. This will only make things worse for you.

3. Avoid Carrying A Muck Bucket While Cleaning Alone

Whether you are positioned on your roof or is balanced on a ladder to carry out the chore on your own, it is advisable that you do not carry a muck bucket with one hand. It is important to keep both the hands free while cleaning a gutter to carry out the job freely and safely. Or else, a busy hand will take your flexibility away and you will be more vulnerable to accidents. The best way to go by is by tying the bucket to the ladder or set in properly in a roof so that both of your hands are free. Otherwise, opt for an expert team of gutter cleaners to get the job done precisely, as they come fully equipped and prepared to conduct the job safely.

4. Professional Gutter Cleaners Should Clean Without Safety Precautions

Gutter cleaning involves plenty of risks, as you have to keep yourself balanced to safely clean all the accumulated dirt and debris. So, it is imperative to take all the necessary steps to protect yourself from severe accidents.

Here are three of the major precautions that should be taken:

  • Use eye protection: keep your eyes protected from flying debris such as pebbles, roof shingles and twigs that may hurt your eyes.
  • Gloves for hand protection: While cleaning the gutter, you may come across broken egg shells, stones and twigs that may hurt your hands. Wearing the gloves will ensure that there is a good grip as it will provide extra layer of traction.
  • Foot protection: it is better to wear shoes with good tread that will allow you to keep a hold on your ladder firmly.

Considering all these facts it is always safer to hire professional gutter cleaners across Northern Beaches to get your gutters cleaned.

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