4 Potential Risks of Cleaning Your Gutter By Yourself

Rainy season has arrived, the trees are shedding their leaves, there are heavy showers everywhere and the rain gutter is being deposited with debris. Now is the time to use the ladder to climb up and start unclogging them before the scene gets too clogged up. When it comes to the gutter cleaning, we think we can do it on our own. So we prepare ourselves for the job outside under the hot side, little being aware of the dangers that lurk ahead.

Most of us avoid considering how dangerous this task may be and overestimate the ability to come out safely unharmed. However, did you know that many people in Australia end up in the emergency room just because they do not take the necessary measures required while cleaning a gutter? Risks might arise from heights, loose wires, tiny animals and defective ladders. Here are 4 common dangers of gutter cleaning that might arise if you decide to do it yourself.

Falling from a Ladder

This is one of the most frequent causes of accidents while cleaning a gutter. Most of the accidents that occur commonly start with a ladder problem. According to several journals and statistical reports every year thousands and thousands of people gets critically injured and need emergency medical care after falling off the ladders. More than half of these accidents could have been prevented with appropriate precautions and equipment.

This is what you should do while using a ladder:

1. Ensure the ladder is not showing any sign of damage.
2. Place the ladder in a smooth surface.
3. Check if the ladder is completely balanced.
4. Always accompany another person to be present around you when you are cleaning the gutter for support.
5. Use ladder accessories to tie the ladders to the roof surface for stronger grip and balance.

Avoid Cleaning if You Feel Dizzy

Some people have undiagnosed height phobias. Climbing the ladder is fine however, once you are up a few notches high, it is a completely different story. Once you are sure that the ladder is placed correctly and is safe to climb, you might get acutely affected by the height while climbing and lose balance and fall. So before attempting to climb the ladder, try recalling incidents where you felt dizzy or uncomfortable while staring downwards from a greater height. On the other hand, if you are suffering from vertigo or other mental issues it is better to avoid doing the chores alone. It is best that you contact your local gutter cleaning service in Shoalhaven to take care of the task for you.

Be Careful of Lose Electrical Wires

Heavy rainfall can be disorderly and once the rainy season is over it can has a toll on your home power lines and cablings. On the other hand, if your roof is constructed using aluminium or steel gutters, working when the surface is wet can bring about severe electrical hazards. Both metal and water are good conductors of electricity and might produce electric shocks upon contact. So inspect carefully to find any loose electrical wires around the roof that could compromise your safety.

Beware of Rats and Moulds

Dark and humid spaces that are filed with leaves and other debris usually attract animals like rats and birds. This could encourage the growth of moulds and fungus. If the gutter gets infested with such issues, disease may start spreading while exposing you to various diseases and viruses.

This is why it is important to use gloves to clean your gutter. You do not want to touch the debris or get bitten by vermin while cleaning the gutter. It might spread bacteria or disease. We recommend you use suede gloves that are resistant to sharp objects.

If you think you are not well-equipped to clean the gutter efficiently without causing any harm to you or your home then contact a professional gutter cleaning service in Shoalhaven.

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