7 Frequently Asked Gutter Cleaning Questions Across North Sydney and North Shore

1. Will I need to be there when you are working?

It is not necessary to be there while the professional cleaners carry out their work. The gutters are usually located around the roof that can be easily accessed using ladders. So there is no need for a household owner to be present while the service provider is working. However, you need to mention if you own a pet or two.

2. Do you inspect roof and gutters for additional problems?

While cleaning, a professional cleaner will definitely examine your roof and gutter for other underlying problems that could present major problems in the future. They can mark out all the problems and the costing for repairing or solving such issues.

3. How is the gutter cleaned?

Firstly, the service provider will remove all the dry leaves and sticky substances form the gully areas. Then scoop out all the leaves and other remaining gunk from the gutter bags. Then a high powered blower is used to draw out all the other remaining stubborn residues from the gutter. Then using special tools the down pipes are cleared if necessary. At the end of the work, the mess around the property is usually cleaned up by the gutter cleaning services. However, it is better to talk about such stuffs beforehand.

4. Do you guys clean the debris that falls on the ground?

In general, a good reliable and professional cleaner does clean all the debris that has fallen all over the ground. After a cleaning job the property is usually left much cleaner than before. However, it is still better to discuss this kind of needs beforehand to confirm the service.

5. How often should I clean my gutter?

This depends on the kind of area that you live in. if the surrounding of your house is largely concentrated with trees that are above the home roof line then the gutters are much more susceptible to collect dry leaves frequently. In that case every 3-4 months will be ideal to get the gutter cleaned and maintained. Otherwise, the general rule of thumb asks for the gutter to be cleaned and inspected at least once a year.

6. Is it necessary to get a gutter guard?

Gutter guards can be useful in areas where there is risk of fire related mishaps. Other than that, gutter guards can help protect your gutter from issues such as

  • Preventing downpipe blockages
  • Reduced chances of leaks and rusting
  • Less blockages means better and cleaner flow of water to the rain water harvest tank.

7. How much does it cost to get your gutter cleaned?

It is important to et the gutter cleaned. The cost of hiring gutter cleaning services in North Sydney and North Shore vary based several factors such as the roof height, condition of the gutter blockages, roof type and angle it is in. However, always remember that the maintenance cost of the gutter is fairly lower in comparison to the damage repair cost caused by lack of maintenance.

To give you an approximate idea of costing, a small storey house could cost around $150 , while a large 2 storey house might cost between $200 to $400, depending on the condition of the gutter and roof.

To collect an approximate idea, you can always send your requirements in the form of a query towards the cleaning services. This will provide you with a more or less clear idea about the costing of the entire project.