Essential Tools to Take the Stress Out of Your Gutter Cleaning

Planning to clean your gutter? Here are some essential tools that are not only required during the cleaning process, but will make your chore easier.

Make Your Gutter Cleaning More Efficient Using These Tools

Ladder. Ladder is one of the most essential tool that you will need when cleaning a gutter. As gutters are usually located near the roofing area, you need to climb at the top of the roof line in order to clean all the rubbishes from the gutter. When using a ladder, make sure that it is sturdy and tall enough to reach your required height. Otherwise, you might bear the risk of falling off the ladder and getting severely injured.

Gutter scoop: These are small shovel like tool that can be bought from any local home renovation shops. This helps scoop out all the gutter remains quickly and efficiently from the base of the trough.

Blowers: If you want your gutter cleaning work in Eastern Suburbs to be simplified, blower is one of the best ways to do so. It is a light weight device that can clean out your gutter effectively. This might not be ideal if the gutter is fully packed with debris however, light to medium levels of debris such as dry leaves can be efficiently drawn out of the gutter using a blower.  Due to its lightweight design, climbing through the ladder with a blower in hand is not that difficult. Neither does it tire your arms while the gutter is getting blown.

Telescopic water wand: The telescoping wand produces water in several different patterns to clean out your gutters quick and effectively. The water runs down the gutter dislodging any debris that is causing problems in your gutter. The wand can be adjusted according to the height of the gutter. You no longer have to climb the ladder to clean the gutter by hand. If you have height phobia or disliking towards climbing the ladder, a telescoping wand is an ideal alternative cleaning solution. However, if the gutter is severely clogged, cleaning the debris can be difficult. In that case, you have to opt for the hand cleaning or a different alternative.

Ladder stabiliser: Climbing the ladder to reach such lengthy heights for gutter cleaning is a risky job. You can fall down the ladder or the ladder might trip leaving you severely injured. Therefore, it is recommended that keep someone nearby when cleaning a ladder to give you all the support you need. However, it is not always possible to keep someone by your side while cleaning the ladder. This is where a ladder stabiliser comes in handy.

The stabiliser easily attaches to the top of the ladder and can be fastened to the roof firmly. This balances out the ladder and cuts down the wobbliness while climbing or moving through the ladder. This gives you versatility to clean the gutter more effectively and you can climb up and down the ladder without the risk of fall.

Protective gloves: gloves are essential to keep your hands protected from bacteria that grows in the rotten gutter debris. It also protects your hands from any cut or injuries caused by sharp metal pieces while cleaning the gutter. If the debris is dry, you might have to scoop it out using your hands and so gloves are a must!

If you are willing to clean your gutter all by yourself, these are some essential tools that used by the professionals. However, it is recommended that gutter cleaning is a complex work and there are plenty of potential risks associated with it. That includes ladder related accidents, damaging your gutter, ineffective cleaning, electrical mishaps from an overflowing gutter and many more. Moreover, buying all the necessary equipment is not cheap either, neither is the storage easy. A professional gutter cleaning service in Eastern Suburbs comes packed with all the necessary tools and expertise required to handle your gutter proficiently. In case of an emergency or more complicated situation, they can save you from severe damages, accidents and further expenses.