Top 4 Gutter Cleaning Safety Tips

Have you decided to clean the house gutter system on your own? If yes, then you need to follow the right safety procedures. By adhering to the correct safety procedures, you can reduce the risk significantly. Gutter cleaning in North Sydney is a time-consuming and complex task but if you follow these safety tips, you can get the work done without pulling up an injury.

Ladder Safety

The first thing you need to ask yourself is whether you are comfortable working at greater heights. If you are not, don’t go. You need to be practical while working at heights. If you are comfortable enough to work at heights, follow these ladder safety tips:

  • You need to make sure that the ladder is placed on level ground.
  • Never forget to place the ladder 3 rungs above the gutter system you have to clear
  • To reduce the chances of ladder-slip as well as for additional safety, ask someone to hold the bottom of the ladder.
  • You should always maintain 3 points of contact on the ladder. This means a hand and 2 feet or a foot and 2 hands.
  • Don’t try to lean off the ladder to reach a distance which is more than 0.5 metres to your left or right. For your own safety move the ladder instead.

Right Equipment

To take on a gutter cleaning project, you need to have the best suited tools and equipment. Using the wrong or substandard equipment can lead to serious accidents.

Proper Clothing and Right Footwear

The next important thing to take into consideration is the clothing and footwear you are wearing during gutter cleaning in North Sydney. If you wear loose fitting clothing then it is highly likely that you can get entangled in several objects on the roof like small chimneys, antennas and more. For working at heights, you also need to consider the type of foot wear to use. Never wear thongs and other open style footwear. It is wise to wear good quality enclosed shoes with proper grip on the bottom.

Be Aware of Power Lines

While cleaning your house gutter system, you should always be aware of the power lines or other regions where electricity may be flowing. Every now and then you can hear stories of people getting electrocuted because they were not aware of the power lines above. This is why you need to look up before you climb the ladder.

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