All House Washing Services in Sydney

For housewashing we use long, extendable, water fed poles with brush heads. This is termed a”soft wash” which is very effective in washing lichen, mould or grime off gutters and facias and spider webs and dirt from under eaves
There are instances where high pressure water cleaning is not appropriate. For houses with aluminium, fibro,metal or other cladded surfaces pressure cleaning may be too harsh and end up ripping off paint,guaging the timber or causing other damage. Soft washing is ideal for these situations
Because we are using long extension poles there is no need for expensive scaffolding or other machine access. Everything can be done from the ground and work done quickly and surprisingly inexpensively

Many of our customers getting their windows cleaned end up getting the whole house washed so they end up with not only sparkling windows but a clean,bright house including all gutters,facias, eaves,walls and window frames.

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