Window Cleaning Services in Sydney

We have been cleaning windows for over 21 years and pride ourselves on our prompt,friendly service. Our attention to detail is second to none. We not only clean the glass panes but also include the frames ,tracks, sills and fly screens.We remove all dirt and other debris from the tracks and get into the little crevices with screw driver and a rag. All dirt and mould is wiped from around frames and sills. The screen netting is brushed down both sides and we wipe around all screen frames. The glass is cleaned with damp applicator and squeegee
When doing inside we are very careful i.e., remove all items from sills, place towels underneath to prevent drips hitting carpet, removing shoes where necessary etc. We also pride ourselves on being able to reach high and inaccessible windows. Depending on the situation, we can either climb up on our high extension ladders and squeegee windows or reach them with water fed extension pole with brush head which we run through filtration system. This filters dirty water and deionises water so it drys steak free.

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